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Quality Material

Technical Service uses high-quality materials to give its customers the best services possible. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.
We never compromise on quality.

Latest Technology

Let's get started. let's create tomorrow. Modern technology is utilized by technical service to carry out our jobs. As a result of this, we are among the best construction companies in Dubai.

Experienced team

Together, we can accomplish so much more than we could on our own. For each technological service they offer, our team includes specialists. To produce high-quality work, the team put in a lot of effort.

25+ Years Experience

With more than 25 years of experience, TECHNICAL SERVICES is a reputable fit out and technical services supplier in Dubai. We are able to comprehend the distinct needs and challenges of each of our clients.

Safety First

We put a high priority on workplace safety and have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. so it's really worthwhile. Our members are fully trained and equipped with latest safety requirements

24/7 support

With 24/7 support, you have peace of mind knowing that expert assistance is just a call or click away, regardless of whether it's the middle of the night or a weekend. Call or email us and our team will be in touch.

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About Us

Electromechanical equipment installation & maintenance

The most prominent fit out and technical service provider in Dubai is our organization, TECHNICAL SERVICES. We provide our clients with the greatest technical service at reasonable costs. Our company offers a wide range of technical services, including fit out, interior design and decor, carpentry, plumbing, smart glass, and much more. Our main focus is on addressing the gaps that prevent us from giving our clients a clear, dominant picture of what a proper lifestyle looks like. We provide various technological services for several domains. for a range of properties in the UAE, including residential and corporate ones. We stand out from the other companies in Dubai since we started working with an experienced environmental

25+ years of experience

MAM Maintenance is a trusted Dubai fit out and technical services provider with over 25 years of expertise. Our industry expertise allows us to understand our clients’ unique needs and challenges and provide customized solutions.

Safety is top priority

For us, occupational safety is a top priority, with modern machinery and safety facilities. so it’s well worth.

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7:00 am - 9:00 pm

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+971 456 52 108

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Office no 1256, Tamani Arts Building Dubai

Services We Provide

Our Services

More Than 25+ Years Experience

Best Technical Services Provider in all over UAE

Experience unmatched technical expertise and seamless solutions with the best technical services provider across the UAE. With a commitment to excellence and round-the-clock support, we ensure your systems run smoothly without unnecessary chatter. Trust us for efficient and reliable technical assistance whenever you need it, wherever you are in the UAE.

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Provide Skills Services

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Urgent Support For Clients

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MAM Maintenance
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    We offer a wide range of technical services including fit-out works, carpentry works, plumbing works, smart glass works, and more. Our team of experts is experienced and skilled in delivering customized solutions that meet the exact needs of our clients.

    <p>Our regular business hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Saturday through Thursday. However, we can work outside these hours if required to meet the project deadlines.</p>

    <div class="ct-accordion-item active"> <div id="b0343bfct_accordion-6bc406e" class="ct-ac-content"> <p>You can request a quote by filling out our online form or by contacting our customer service team via phone or email. We'll respond promptly with a detailed estimate for your project.</p> </div> </div> <div class="ct-accordion-item "> <div class="ct-ac-title " data-target="#529fc57ct_accordion-6bc406e"> </div> </div>