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Real Estate

Real Estate


Risk assessment reviews of various off plan developments including full legal documentation review identifying risks and opportunities.


Developed an extensive database of UAE laws in particular relating to real estate and their applicability.


Risk management activities relating to disputes including negotiation, arbitration and preparation for litigation.


Negotiations with regulators to establish a criteria for market wide settlement.


Development of web based systems for real estate brokers including modules for buy / sell, rental and property management.


Invited to present to the government owned Riyadh Housing Corporation models for real estate financing.


Advised a major Malaysian bank of the implementation of Islamic Financing with particular emphasis on real estate.


Established an Islamic financing model for real estate in the UK, including legal contracts, operating procedures and financial management systems. The innovative structure was the first of its kind and avoided the double stamp duty regime of that time.


Extensive research of market real estate prices culminating in a database application showing price trends across regions and property types. This identified a series of price anomalies and trading opportunities.