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Product Control

Product Control


Resolved a potential book exposure of circa $500m, with minimal write off, arising from differences in front and back office P & L’s. These related primarily to the fixed income, swaps and OTC derivatives businesses.


Reconciled and resolved issues arising from the inconsistent bookings in different risk management systems post the merger of two banks.


Analysed both operations and accounting issues arising from the inconsistent treatment of OTC transactions in risk management, settlement and the General Ledger system.


Resolved data quality issues arising from the migration of a number of Loans portfolios arising from the transference of business between two organisations.


Resolved significant historic breaks on coupon P & L for an Equity swaps business


Provided a team to risk manage significant exposures in suspense accounts relating to Emerging Markets business for a major investment bank.


Established and implemented a standard reconciliation template for use across all business units ensuring consistency and qualitative control for all internal reconciliations.


Performed a positive audit of potential exposures within the General Ledger for accounts owned by the various Product Control groups. This resulted in the formal definition and agreement of action plans with all account owners.