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Spearheaded the initiative of setting up of a new school from the original idea / brainstorming sessions through it becoming an established institution in the community. This process lasted around three years.


Strategic and operational development of schools, including business planning, fundraising, governance, policies and procedures development and financial control/ management.


Prepared independent schools to enter the state system as Voluntary Aided, liaising with local authorities and government representatives.


Proactively prepared a number of schools for OFSTED inspections to ensure that they met and exceed the required national standards.


Reactively assisted ‘failing’ institutions to implement radical changes to meet the minimum standards.


Helped institutions to develop and implement detailed remedial action plans arising from inspection audit points.


Various senior interim management roles in educational institutions, involving extensive coaching and development of key staff.


Developed leadership training for key management personnel to ensure they excel in their roles.


Developed a financial management system to ensure that limited resources were used effectively and the institution continued to enhance its services whilst still being self sufficient.