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Business Strategy

Business Strategy


John Harvey Jones once said that warfare is easier than business.  One of the key reasons for this is that many Managing Directors and Chief Executives have a clear view of what they want to achieve when they take over but soon became immersed in day to day operations, not taking the time to refresh their ambitions and plans.  The following dialogue taken from the popular children’s book Alice in Wonderland illustrates the point:


Rabbit…”which way are you going”


Alice…”I don’t know”


Rabbit…”then any direction will get you there!”


A good business strategy will help overcome this scenario.


Our approach includes assisting in the following areas:


Establishing and testing the vision and supporting objectives


Review or developing a supporting business plan


Ensure that the vision and plan are supported by strategies for control & risk management, performance enhancement, organisational development and staff development


Establishing a culture of change management