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Asset Servicing

Asset Servicing


Developed an intranet application to provide a training tool for staff covering the life cycle of dividend and corporate action events. This was equally applicable to staff who worked in the area and other interested parties e.g. auditors, regulators.


Managed an Asset Servicing Department with the objective of developing the previous manager, supervisors and staff during a period of significant change and risk. This included one to one coaching of key staff.


Provided a team to integrate with the banks own staff for peaks in the ‘dividend season’. Achieved significantly lower number exceptions than any time in the past.


Resolution of a large number of complex entitlement reconciliation issues related to dividends, coupons and corporate actions. This included resolving tax related issues both internally and recovering funds from tax authorities.


Documented both the operational and accounting flows, both existing and proposed. This was used to assist in the planning of a new system implementation.


Resolved historical outstanding dividend claims. Responsible for comparing and contrasting the issues raised with the ongoing line members to ensure that the platform for future processing was enhanced.


Managed projects to reconcile dividend tax reclaim accounts and initiate recoveries of over $20million from tax authorities.


Provided day-to-day support to the corporate actions department for a bank based in Luxembourg.