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About Us


We are where you are

Our Mission
  • * To provide high quality “VALUE FOR MONEY” service to our clients.
  • * T o strive towards ultimate “EXCELLENCE” in all areas that we want influence.
  • * To Deliver “THE IMPOSSIBLE”
Ambition, Drive and Enthusiasm

The tremendous ambition and high energy levels from all our personnel, combined with energetic leadership, are the key factors in achieving success. Our desire to ‘make the difference’ and passion for winning are our principal drivers. Ambition, drive and enthusiasm

Vision, Business Planning And Clear Objective

We have a clear and challenging Business Plan and Mission Statement. We are planning beyond the immediate horizons, giving very careful consideration to every aspect of our market, clients and organization. This forward thinking allows us to leverage from our strengths to develop opportunities for clients.

Competitive Advantage

We have a clear understanding of the basis on which the business is competing and how we operate to support the strategy. This is gained through proposition, price, place and promotion – and wins new business. In short, the ‘Simple as A B C’ name is synonymous with delivery against agreed specifications!

Continuous Improvement

We have a structured methodology to continually develop ourselves, looking for new and innovative ways to improve the operation, products and services. We do not sit still – as goals are met, we set new ones with increased challenges. All our staff are required to test their proficiency levels against recognised market standards.

Financial Management

The business is properly financed and well managed, both for the short and long term. All aspects of the balance sheet are actively managed daily. The financial plans support our vision for the business, with commitments to provide capital to grow the business already received.

Financial Performance

The asset base of the business has improved consistently since the inception of business in 1994. This clearly reflects the quality and strength of our ‘partnership with our clients.

Sales & Marketing

We have a clear understanding of our target market, what their needs are and how the services supplied meet those needs better than the competition. This is achieved through market research, market intelligence, innovation and winning customer preference through insight.

Client Orientation

We have a solutions orientated, client focused culture. We consider developing long term client relationships as our prime objective. To ensure we continue to deliver the highest standard of service, we actively seek formal feedback from our clients.